Our dedication is due to every one and all who has/have been contributing to the growth of our “RAJNEESH CAST ALLOYS” particularly to our buying associates, who have not only been posing their reliance in the quality of our products but also have been encouraging us to increase the range of our products gradually SUCH AS :

At the moment, since our inception, we have goal in mind to go a long way. Accordingly, we must have a clear vision, in view of our capabilities and capacities to realize our future objective, which precisely is to get ourselves enrolled with more number of reputed O.E.MS: Such as :

It has proverbially been stated that “ROME WAS NEVER BUILT IN A DAY” and was also not built-up by the then authorities alone, a large number of hands were involved in its creation. Similarly in our-case too, we cannot possibly put aside our work-force, sales and purchase force, suppliers, managers and administrative staff without whose efforts our creation, and existence could have become possible, all other people who have been associated alongside with us on this project.